The Wandering series is a project I began on my blog as a way to sharpen my eye for composition. I wanted to create a habit of paying attention to details in the environment while I walked to and from work. Eventually, I expanded the scope and included photographs taken during my travels.

Street photography, as Magnum photographer Alex Webb describes it, is 99% failure. I repeatedly missed many shots and languished for long stretches of time without anything significant. But, the frustration kept me going because I enjoy the process of sifting through and finding order within the complex canvas of everyday life.

Sometimes it's a gesture that I notice or a sudden shift of a scene to a geometrical synchronicity that triggers an interesting picture. On occasion, it's something humorous or peculiar. Other times, it's just a quiet moment with compelling light on a street corner. There is sheer joy in capturing the exact moment when all the elements within the camera frame align. It doesn't happen often but it is enough to keep going again.