In late August, I found a few wilted orchids on the floor by the patio door. Another season was coming to an end. I gathered and photographed each one by the window. Last year, I didn't even notice them but this time I discovered something beautiful about these orchids in spite of their demise. I followed my curiosity by attempting to look beyond their present state. A friend of mine immediately saw a correlation between one of my photographs and an iconic Martha Graham image by Barbara Morgan so I pursued this direction exploring their shapes, textures and movement. I continued for several weeks until the last shriveled orchid fell. Throughout this process, I realized the images I was creating mirrored the end of hopes, dreams and goals I've had that never came to fruition. But in spite of these failures and disappointments came the birth and a transformation towards a new vision which were only possible after I learned to look beyond them with a renewed mind and a healed spirit.