The Cost of Making and Distributing Photographs

The big elephant in the room has always been the issue of money and how it relates to making and distributing photographs. Here are a few interesting articles that address this issue that I would like to share with you.

Tom Griggs at Fototazo: On the Money Part I, On the Money Part II

The bottom line is, the more photography costs increase and the more burden is shifted to photographers, the more visions are lost on the way, the less we see, and therefore the less we know. In short, the ultimate cost, we – as viewers - pay: we see and know less.

Aline Smithson at Lenscratch: Can We Afford Success?

I had work in 8 shows in April, 54 framed pieces in total. All framing and shipping costs incurred by me (with the exception of one or two situations where return shipping was provided).

Also included were some additional costs of one exhibition where we rented a gallery space for two weeks--costs split by the 5 participants. We also covered the costs of the opening, announcement cards, and various odds and ends. Another exhibition incurred the additional costs of a MagCloud and announcement card.

I travelled to San Francisco and New York for openings, included were airfare, hotel, and food costs.

I attended Photolucida; the cost of the review, airfare, hotel, food and drink, costs of printing (needed lots of paper and new inks), a new portfolio box, and leave behinds came to at least $3000.

It's difficult to face the credit card bill.