The Burn: Jane Fulton Alt

Having gone through a physical and emotional transformation in the last few years, Jane Fulton Alt's The Burn project spoke to me immediately. When I saw her images, I was drawn to them. I could somehow relate in a metaphorical sense to the idea of burning-- that these trees, shrubs needed to die in order for rebirth to happen. There is a spiritual quality to her photographs. I don't sense fear like a raging fire image that I would normally see in the news. They are beautifully composed, delicate and sensitive. When she captured fire with its amber colored flames dancing dangerously from a distance, she often used them as a backdrop against the blackened shrubs and twigs in the foreground. The focus seems to always be in the the moments of transformation. The first photograph below of a smoke engulfed single charred tree is one of my favorite images. When I went down to Los Angeles for Paris Photo LA in April, I was thrilled to find out that Jane was going to be there to sign her book. The Burn was one of those that I didn't even hesitate to purchase because the work just spoke to me deeply. I just wished I was able to articulate to her in person how I felt about her work.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag