Tammy David on Bite! Magazine

Photograph by Tammy David

Crown and Country

Project Statement

Like boxing and basketball, beauty pageants are very much part of the Filipino culture. Beauty pageants are a metaphor for Filipino culture because they glorify beauty, reflect filial and societal mores, and provide an aspirational platform that is manifestation of the country’s colonial history.

The quest for the most prestigious crown in the country, Binibining Pilipinas, (Miss Philippines) does not only require Filipino citizenship or a bikini body. Like any sport, hard work and sacrifices are crucial to win the crown. Long “duck walks” to lengthen the leg muscles, non-stop simulated “question and answer” segments to ease stage freight and even nose jobs to look more like their popular Latin American counterparts. Every sequined-studded, tiara-laden, stiletto-decked pageant aspirant represents a bold quest for the crown. Each aspirant have their own motivations, such as using the pageant as a stepping stone to stardom, financial gains or just plain affirmation that she is indeed the loveliest of them all.

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Source: Bite! Magazine