Dreams for a parcel of land

Batangas, 2008

The only way to get here was to take a 20 minute bangka (a small motorized boat) ride across the lake. Dad pointed at the top of the mountain. He tried to speak to me but his voice drowned against the whirling sound of the motor. I cupped my hand and touched the back of my ear with my fingers straining to hear what he was saying. He leaned over to Mom and she in turn passed on his message to me. He said there were plans to build a main road along the ridge which will eventually give us access to the property by car. He heard that construction would start by the middle of this year. However, he doubted it would actually happen given how projects often times got delayed or even postponed due to a lot of politics in the local government.

Once we got close to the property, Jun cut the motor off and slowly maneuvered the bangka to shore using a long bamboo stick. He got out and pulled the bangka by the bow, guiding it gently until the bottom slid to ground. We jumped out and took a short hike up the property. We stopped at a spot where we could get a good view of the volcano. I looked around. There was so much potential for this land. I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to have a home with large windows that overlooked the lake. I also imagined a work space where I would feel inspired to create. Wouldn't it be great to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables on the land and to be able to have a self-sustaining existence? Ahh, the simple, ideal life. I don't even have the means to make any of this a reality but at that moment, it felt good to dream of its possibilities.