©Stella Kalaw



I saw three men and a boy walking slowly along the beach. One of them carried a knife and a thin, wooden stick. This man poked holes in the sand and then moved on. Sometimes, he would stop and dig a little deeper using his hands. I had to find out what it was they were looking for. The group was collecting sea worms for kinilaw, a Filipino cooking method similar to ceviche. One of them showed me the small holes that dot the fine, white sand. He said the sea worms were just below the surface. One full container was enough to feed a small family.

Kinilaw or kilawin- a dish similar to ceviche, made by marinating uncooked fish or shrimps in vinegar and seasoning with salt, black pepper, etc. eg. kilawing dilis, hipon, tanguingue (sa gata: with coconut milk) (Doreen Fernandez)