Rodney Smith on composition

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The second thing—which has to do with photography in general, not only this one photograph—is composition. Composition is to photography what rhythm is to music. It is about symmetry and proportion, resonance between the photographer and subject; where everything fits just so. Almost like iambic pentameter in poetry, or natural cadence and body rhythm. To me this picture represents not only everything in its right place, but also the right proportions, the right relationships, the right cadence. Composition is seriously lacking in most photography in the 21st century. It has been abandoned—whether due to lack of skill or lack of interest I’m not sure. It seems to me losing a sense of composition is synonymous to having an irregular heartbeat.

Rodney Smith in New York Magazine

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Rodney Smith
has always been a favorite photographer of mine. His work is featured in the fall issue of New York Magazine. A collection of his classic black and white images can also be found at the John Cleary Gallery website.