Ideas, Ideas.

My writing has been sparse for several months. I had some health issues last year which led to a lifestyle change. The result brought chaos to my schedule having to devote so much of my energies towards healing and adapting to new way of life. Once my health issues were resolved, I took most of the summer off to give myself a much needed break. Now that my my schedule is relatively stable, I am now attempting to blog more.

One of the hardest parts when embarking on a new project is honing on an idea that is compelling enough to pursue. While I am putting aside funds to finance this endeavor, I am currently trying to figure this out. What do I want to say? How do I find my voice? These are some questions that nag at me every day. I gather ideas and scribble them down on my notebook or I type them on my ipod touch if I have the device with me. I browse for materials online and save them to Evernote to read later. I must confess that I often succumb to surfing endlessly on the web. It must be some form of procrastination. I have no answers yet but I am intent on finding out hopefully sooner than later.