17 Random Things

Marianne has tagged T and I to share 17 random things about ourselves.

Here's the list:


1. is an Obamaholic
2. is a hypochondriac
3. misses drinking coffee but loves hot chocolate
4. still shoots film
5. sends T RSS feeds of Suri Cruise and Violet Affleck
6. played a bit part as a nurse in a Regal Films movie
7. dreams of traveling around the world for 6 months
8. was once stuck in a sand storm in the middle of the desert in West Africa
9. hates to shovel snow and that is why she lives in California
10. loves Santa Barbara
11. finds it difficult to carry on a conversation and drive at the same time
12. can hold my own in DDR (standard level only).
13. can only be motivated to exercise through swimming
14. dreams of a trust fund so she can work on personal projects the rest of her life
15. found out she can write after starting a blog
16. hated math word problems in 6th grade
17. needs a new computer


1. is a gadget freak
2. believes life is a database
3. is trying to learn Flash and After Effects but falls asleep every time she starts
4. is incapable of sitting through a scary movie
5. turned anti-social after high school
6. is debating about what to do with Facebook invitations from her friends
7. hates Boston
8. loves London
9. cannot live without the Google apps
10. Motto: It's all in the editing.
11. Favorite Food: Basta handa na. (Whatever's ready-to-eat.)
12. is amazed at how she once convinced S to take hiphop classes with her
13. has bought things from infomercials more frequently than she cares to admit
14. is always on the lookout for the perfect wall clock or flat screen TV
15. follows John Maeda's tweets
16. is a big believer in inbox-zero, but has thousands of unread items in her rss reader
17. subscribes to baby blog feeds