A Conversation with Francisco at GRID Magazine PH

Santa Barbara, CA. 1994.

"What's a latte?" I asked my 19 year old cousin Francisco Guerrero as I had never had it in the 27 years of my existence. He was dumbfounded that he immediately instructed me to meet him at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on State street as soon as we hung up the phone. And so began our photography conversations over coffee. We usually finished our school assignments at the beginning of the week so we had plenty of time to sit and sip our lattes while having these long talks and musings  about our favorite photographers , the creative process, analyze why an image or a photo series excited or inspired us, monographs we've poured through at the library and some gear talk of course. We would do geeky things like "guess the exposure" in a certain spot and one of us verified it via the camera's exposure meter. 

Fast forward to 2015, I met Francisco in his office at GRID magazine HQ in Pasig.  He is now the Executive Editor for the magazine and a host for a travel show on CNN called What I See.  With cameras rolling, we had a great conversation sans the lattes but this time perhaps with much more insight and depth from the many years of life experiences  under our belts.  Here's a short clip. More of our conversation continues in GRID Magazine: Issue 11. Enjoy!