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© Stella Kalaw

I started to ride the BART home this week. I don't mind the longer commute. In fact, I welcome the change of pace. I am able to listen to music on my ipod again which has been hidden in the cubby hole above my desk for months. I know this will wear off but I will try to enjoy the ride as long as I can.



Muni Bus 38 to Transbay Terminal
from the Time Between series

I used to work an eight hour shift that ended at 9:00pm. After work, I caught the 38 bus right around the corner of 3rd and Market Street. By the time I got on, the bus was almost always empty except for a few commuters who prefer to sit closer to the back. The final stop was the Transbay Terminal. From there, I transferred to the 108 bus that took me home to Treasure Island. The commute was short but I found it soothing just staring blankly into the distance while the sound of the roaring engine drowned my worries away.