Wandering 133

My camera was packed away in my bag. I was on my way home from the Flower Market Fair when I decided to take one of the side streets to avoid the crowd along Grant. I saw this wall and quickly thought there was a picture here. I paused, retrieved my camera and waited. It was great to end the day with this image.

©Stella Kalaw

Wandering 130

I attempted a few times to make a picture using this backdrop in Chinatown but the overcast sky yesterday morning did not bear good results. After lunch, I came back just as the sun briefly broke out from the clouds. Quite happy this moment happened too.

Passersby, San Francisco Chinatown./ ©Stella Kalaw

Passersby. San Francisco Chinatown./ ©Stella Kalaw

Wandering 129

One of the things I like about San Francisco is walking through the Chinatown Gateway Arch between Grant and Bush Streets. Just walking a few feet past the entrance, I am suddenly transported to a place like Hong Kong–store signs in Chinese characters as far as my eye could see, tiny shops next to each other filled with Asian antiques mixed in with San Francisco souvenirs and colorful trinkets. Yesterday, Grant Street was closed for The Flower Market Fair which happens a week before Chinese New Year. This was my fourth time to attend.

Performers at the Flower Market Fair, San Francisco Chinatown./ ©Stella Kalaw

Performers at the Flower Market Fair. San Francisco Chinatown./ ©Stella Kalaw