Chill in the air

After a full day on the job and a quick dinner, I headed to the Electronic Media Center at Kala Art Institute to do some hi-res scans from my 120 color negatives. The Artist in Residence Program started this week. Somehow, I was bursting with all this energy that I did not mind being in front of the computer monitor for a few more hours. The scanning process went smoothly. I was quite surprised how time flew by and I hardly noticed it.

As I closed the door behind me, I felt a chill in the air. It reminded me of the days I used to print in the darkroom late at night in Santa Barbara. I buttoned up my jacket and walked to the car. Memories continued to flood my mind. I remember leaving the bowling alley with Lek and Haryanto, having a conversation with Jezaira on the steps outside of her apartment, riding Cisco's red Cabriolet after dinner and shopping for groceries close to midnight at Vons. Before I turned the ignition, I sat in my car for a few more minutes. I began to miss my friends and wished we lived closer. I took a deep breath and felt grateful having them in my life and for sharing those wonderful memories with me. I placed both hands on the steering wheel and smiled. I started the engine, shifted gears and drove home.