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Sensitive people faced with a prospect of a camera portrait put on a face they think is one they would like to show the world... very often what lies behind the facade is rare and more wonderful than the subject knows or dares to believe. -Irving Penn, 1975.

If you are in London in the next few months, go see the show.

Goodbye, Kodachrome

Speaking of demise, Kodak announced Monday that the company will discontinue producing Kodachrome color film. After graduating from photography school, I had the opportunity to see the original 8x10 transparency of Mr. Penn's image (Theatre Accident, 1947) taken with Kodachrome film right beside another sheet of the same shot taken with Ektachrome film. After 50+ years since he took the photograph, Kodachrome preserved its color fidelity. It was truly stunning to see the image come alive under a light box. It was as if the film was delivered fresh from the photo lab. Sadly, the other sheet developed a bluish/magenta color cast.