49 Geary

Robert Koch Gallery
5th Floor, 49 Geary
Photograph courtesy of KQED Spark

The building is a block away from where I work. I consider this my sanctuary from the daily grind. Not only does the place inspire me, it also serves as a constant reinforcement to continue pursuing personal work. I used to spend most of my lunch breaks here so that I could study the photographs by both emerging and established artists. I love viewing the large prints. I get to experience images I've only seen on a computer monitor in an entirely different way. When I moved jobs, I made sure I stayed in the same area. A bad day at work is forgotten once I enter the elevator that takes me to the galleries. It makes me smile as soon as I see those framed photographs lined up against the white walls. Sadly, my lunch break at my new job is not long enough to get me back in the office on time. Nonetheless, I try to get there after work and stay long enough before they close at 5:30pm.

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, 3rd Floor
Fraenkel Gallery, 4th Floor
Scott Nicholson Gallery, 4th Floor
Robert Koch Gallery, 5th Floor