Short Visit

Yesterday, I pulled up at the SFO international terminal to drop my brother off.  He was catching a flight back to Budapest. "You know that movie Up in the Air?" he asked me. I nodded. "The way George's character was always traveling–that pretty much sums up my life for the next four years." he added as he opened the trunk to retrieve his luggage.

I gave him a hug, whipped out my camera and took a portrait of him before he entered the terminal.

He was in Santa Barbara for a few days for a regional corporate meeting and then he flew up to the Bay Area to see me. We spent a day in a half together sharing stories in between trips to the 99 cents store to buy some activity books for his friends' daughters, to Oakland Chinatown for some roast duck and egg foo yung and finally to a bookstore to purchase books and a copy of Nurse Jackie Season 1 DVD.

His visit was short and sweet.

I miss him already.

My brother at the International Terminal, SFO / ©Stella Kalaw


My brother at the International Terminal, SFO / ©Stella Kalaw