"When will you come for a visit?" Tita E would bring it up whenever she called or emailed around my birthday or during Christmas. Sadly, I am unable to give her a definitive answer. Daily life takes over. Sometimes, resources are low. In spite of my desire to take a vacation, plans somehow take a backseat. She often commutes between the US and Asia so our schedules never seem to match up. When I had an opportunity to visit Seattle in 2007 for a group show at Wallspace gallery, she was out of town.

Finally the stars aligned and we reconnected two weeks ago.

One roll. That's all I shot while I was there. I learned that sometimes putting down the camera is not a bad idea. I listened more and shared many stories. I felt more present in the moment. Usually, my mind is distracted thinking about how to compose the frame, figuring out the light quality in a scene or finding the best expression. Half the time, I miss details in conversations.

It is hard to do and I sometimes cannot help myself. For instance, a moment of silence came between us. While she was deep into her own thoughts, I quietly reached for the camera nearby and took this photograph. The yearning to record is always there.

Tita E. Seattle, WA/ ©Stella Kalaw

Tita E. Seattle, WA/ ©Stella Kalaw