Priya Kambli: Color Falls Down

I can truly relate to Priya Kambli's work. To quote an interview from 2010 with Qiana Mestrich at Dodge and Burn, she spoke of "giving a voice to minority artists dealing with similar issues of hybrid cultural identity through their own personal history- of belonging to and embodying multiple cultures but fitting into neither completely." Like Ms. Kambli, I try to make sense of this duality through my personal projects. In her case, she uses vintage portraits of family members and paired them with objects from her present life with accents from her rich cultural background. The highlight of Color Falls Down is her strong and consistent juxtapositions throughout the book.I just love the way she matches pictures together- they are unexpected drawing on the subtle graphic elements from one photograph to the next.Whether I open the book in the middle and leaf the pages backward or forward,I can still get the gist of her message. That is amazing. Receiving one of the top prizes at the 2008 Critical Mass was well deserved. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.