One of my favorite quotes comes from John Maeda:

Patience is often an uncredited virtue because it appears like you are doing nothing. You are yet you aren't.

Quite philosophical but true. The last couple of months have been a period of growth and that entailed setting aside the camera for a bit and focusing on some internal work. I believe that getting clarity will only help fuel the creative process and the final work in the long run. It's been an interesting journey so far. In the meantime, I am back in the space of sharing photographs, my favorite books, inspiration and whatever comes to mind. We'll see how it goes!

Point Reyes National Seashore./ ©Stella Kalaw

Point Reyes National Seashore./©Stella Kalaw

Cesar Chavez Park. Berkeley, CA./ ©Stella Kalaw

Cesar Chavez Park. Berkeley, CA./©Stella Kalaw