Part I: What I Learned so Far...

Over time, I learned that failure is important for creative growth. Without it , I would not have gotten the strength to be honest with myself and to make the decision to pursue projects that matter to me. It was difficult and painful but in the end, it was worth it.

I never used to understand what a calling was and now I do. There is just something inexplicable that compels me to be on this photographic journey.

Through the years, I have built a life that allows me to pursue my passion.

The fear is always there but I learned over the years not to pay too much attention to it. Otherwise, I will not accomplish anything. There are many factors involved in pursuing a personal project and the details can be overwhelming. If I dwell too long on its scope, it pushes me to inaction. I learned to always start small and do things one step at a time. Small victories allow me to move forward. Before I know it, I've already made significant progress.