Part 3: What I Learned So Far...

I learned to pay attention when a wake up call arises in my life. It simply means that either the mind, the body or the spirit is in need of healing. The old ways are no longer working and the universe is saying choose another path. A friend of mine once told me "life is about making choices and you make the choice." These powerful words have stayed with me and I have applied it in all aspects of my life. The path is long, untrodden and downright scary but I've learned that committing to a choice and taking those small steps make all the difference in the world. Once healing occurs, I've learned that I no longer have the desire to go back to the way I once was and the only direction to take is forward.

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Monument Peak at Ed Levin County Park. Milpitas, CA/ ©Stella Kalaw

Monument Peak at Ed Levin County Park. Milpitas, CA/©Stella Kalaw