Inspiration: NYTimes’ One in 8 Million series

I can’t believe I only discovered this project from the New York Times yesterday! It made me fall back in love with black and white images again. Paired with a simple audio track of the subject telling his/her story, Photographer Todd Heisler captures the essence of everyday life -- his photographs are emotionally sensitive and compositionally acute. Congratulations as well to the entire production team and thank you for bringing these stories to life.

From the NYTimes website:

One in Eight Million: New York Characters in Sound and Images

New York is a city of characters. The Green Thumb, whose community garden in a Brooklyn housing project shows children that eggs don't come from eggplant. The Dictaphone Doctor, last of a dying breed. The Jury Clerk, who says ‘Good Morning’ 200 times a day, and means it. The Teenage Mother. The Tabloid Photographer. the Iraq Veteran. The Walking Miracle. Throughout 2009, the Times introduced 54 such individuals in sound and images, ordinary people telling extraordinary stories- of passions and problems, relationships and routines, vocations and obsessions.