“How do you do it?”

A good friend of mine, who, 15 years ago, had given up a career as a medical doctor to pursue her passion for photography, recently found herself changing course again. Her brother who was helping her aging father run their pharmaceutical business suddenly quit. She made the decision to give up her position as a college photography professor to help run the company. We spoke via IM a few days ago:

9:48:38 AM
Me: I think you’ll just have to switch perspectives about your photography. I’m doing something completely different for work, but I continue to have a photographic life.

9:50:45 AM
Her: How do you do it?

9:52:40 AM
Me: At first, I really got depressed because I tied so much of what a “successful photography career” meant to getting paid. But when I dug deeper, I realized that my passion for photography was not dependent on whether I got paid for it. I do it because I love it. Why should “success” be equivalent to monetary gain then? My circumstances have changed, the passion has not. It’s still a constant in my life.

9:54:58 AM
Her: So I’m only going to do the kind of photography that I like and not worry about those demanding clients...

9:55:09 AM
Me: You got it.

9:55:25 AM
Her: No more demanding clients, no more negotiating, etc.

9:55:55 AM
Me: Take the pictures that mean something to you. That’s the key!