Fraction Magazine Exhibition at Rayko

After work today, I headed down to Rayko Photo Center for the opening of Fraction Magazine: Three Years in the Making Exhibition. I arrived just before the crowds came and I was able to view the images without much distraction. I finally met David Bram in person and was happy to see Crista Dix whom I met through a group show in her gallery four years ago. The show was impressive! In fact, I was inspired to take these pictures. Congratulations David!

The exhibition runs from August 11 to September 18.

Rayko Photo Center

428 Third Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

Closed Mondays; Tues-Thurs: 10am-10pm; Fri-Sun: 10am-8pm

Fraction Magazine features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. Each monthly on-line issue focuses on a central theme, creating an implicit dialogue between differing photographic perspectives. This exhibition at RayKo is curated by David Bram, the founder and editor of Fraction, and features images from the past 28 issues of the magazine.

Featured Artists:
Hollis Bennett | Jesse Burke | Susan Burnstine | Polly Chandler | Antone Dolezal | Eliot Dudik | Geoffrey Ellis | Kirk Gittings | Meg Griffiths | Michael Itkoff | Josef Jacques | Liz Kuball | Karen Kuehn | Clay Lipsky | David Maisel | Kerry Mansfield | Tricia Lawless Murray | Norman Mauskopf | David Ondrik | Sam Portera | Kathleen Robbins | David Rochkind | Ken Rosenthal | Michael Sebastian | Emily Shur | Allison V Smith | Tabitha Soren | David Taylor | Susan Hayre Thelwell | Phil Toledano