Found Photographs: Budapest

I was delighted to discover that the Hungarian House of Photography at Manó Mai's House was located around the corner from my brother's apartment in Budapest. On the second floor, they had a small bookstore where I bought these two photographs.

About the Manó Mai House

The eight-floored building was built in 1894 on the order of the photographer, Manó Mai. In 1931, Sándor Rozsnyai (a musical director) and his wife Mici Rozsnyal (née Senger, known as Miss Arizona) bough the building from the family. They built the three-floored Arizona club in the yard, which had been empty until then. This remained open until 1944, when the owners were probably killed by Hungarian or German Nazis. After the war, the building served a variety of purposes such as a school or a presentation hall. From the early 1960's the Budapest branch of Hungarian Automobile Club used it over a period of 30 years.

The Hungarian Association of Photographers was able to start buying the property rights from the residents. The Mai Mano Gallery opened on the half-floor in 1995 and the Hungarian House of Photography was launched by novelist/photographer Peter Nadas and opened on the first and second floors on March 18, 1999.