Elinor Carucci at SF Camerawork

Elinor Carucci during the book signing at SF Camerawork.
Chronicle Books
released a second revised edition of Closer this fall.

Last Tuesday, Elinor Carucci gave a talk at SF Camerawork. I must admit that sometimes, I find her images difficult to look at but it is for this reason that I was curious to hear her speak about her work. She was soft spoken in front of the audience but she is fearless and passionate about her photographic work.

I learned that she always kept her camera, tripod and lights accessible and she never stores them away. She is able to photograph spontaneously especially when emotional tensions is present within her personal relationships or when she is experiencing it herself. That is how she captures the rawness and honesty that is so distinct in her images.

I especially enjoyed a story she shared while she was giving birth to twins in the hospital. All of sudden, she felt this light coming from above and shining upon her while she was having contractions. “Oh, my God! Is that daylight?” she asked herself. She recounted that the nurses were screaming at her when she insisted that they call her husband to bring her camera and tripod in the room so that she could capture the moment on film. Unfortunately, I cannot find the image anywhere in the web.

Currently she is working on a series called My Children.