E by Masao Yamamoto

I don't usually buy a photo book on a whim but this was one of those exceptions. I was at Photo LA in 2008 and an exhibit of Masao Yamamoto's work was on display at the Craig Krull Gallery booth. It was refreshing to encounter an array of small intimate aged prints that would fit in the palm of my hand. They were grouped randomly on the wall possibly suggesting a form of visual poetry. The images were elements found in nature such as clouds, water, plants and insects then interspersed with the female figure. It was a contemplative experience. I walked over to the Nazraeli Press booth and found Mr. Yamamoto's oversized book. The text was sparse with only the Japanese character on the cover and the acknowledgements and information about the publication on the last page. The paper was thin and delicate that a slight lift to it revealed the placement of the picture on the opposite page. When viewed in book form, his images still contained that meditative quality but it seemed as if a new story had been constructed. That really intrigued me and perhaps it warranted some further examination.