Contact Sheet: Alexander Gronsky

I blogged about Alexander Gronsky's work back in 2009 and I've been following him ever since. When I saw his name in the latest issue of Contact Sheet, I bought a copy right away. His new body of work is called Pastoral and it doesn't disappoint. Mr. Gronsky's command for composition and capturing the subtleties of the light in the landscape is exceptional. I read this in the introductory essay in the catalogue:

Gronsky roams these areas as an unobtrusive observer. He stays at a respectful distance from the people he photographs and rarely engages with them directly. In fact, most people are probably not aware of him or the camera at all. In most cases, he uses no tripod, since many scenes he spots only last for a moment. He relies on his medium-format camera to be able to respond quickly. One moment later he, or the critical moment could be gone. –Hannah Friesier, Contact Sheet.


Website: Alexander Gronsky