2011 Year End Thoughts: Slow and Steady

We used to do movie night when I was a child growing up in Manila. After dinner, Dad would set up the super 8 film projector and the family would watch cartoons together. Tortoise and the Hare was one of my favorites. This year felt like Mr. Tortoise's slog to the finish line except with photography it is a lifelong journey with many destinations. Taking small steps, one foot in front of the other and being patient was the theme for 2011. Back in January when my 40 hour work week was restored, I immediately put in place an automatic savings account to fund my next photography project. Target: the first quarter of 2012. Rather than staying idle while waiting to reach my goal, I worked on adding images to the Wandering and Landscape Study series. Although I would have wanted to be more prolific with my output, my health took priority this year. As I mentioned before on previous posts, I made a lifestyle change to allow my body to heal itself naturally. In the process, I've shed 54 lbs and never felt healthier in my life. That is no small feat. The transition admittedly took so much time away from blogging and photographing in the field but I am thankful that it happened this year while I am in the waiting period. I always thought that getting sick was inevitable when I grow old but going through this experience taught me differently. My priorities have shifted and I am happier and at peace because of it. I am facing 2012 with confidence and looking forward to the photographic journey ahead.