Massimo Sordi

Bhopal, India.
from the series Dreaming Bollywood

Delhi, India.
Photographs by Massimo Sordi

Photographer Massimo Sordi and I traded prints recently and I picked these two images from his work in India. I asked him to share his thoughts behind these projects.

In Dreaming Bollywood, Massimo's point of inspiration is the collective experience of cinema as a unifying medium across social, religious and economic boundaries in Indian society. He adds,"I see this momentary unity as an imagined but possible dream." Throughout the series, Massimo documents the influence of cinema by juxtaposing movie theaters, billboards and movie posters with people and objects from everyday life.

In Bring Your World Into a Room, Massimo utilizes typology to photograph several unadorned bedrooms. He quotes George Perec's essay Espèces d’espaces as his point of reference for this series:
"The revived space of the room serves to rise the insignificant as the most essential memories (...) But it’s from the resurrected memories of these rooms that I wait the most important revelations."

Massimo Sordi teaches photography at the University of Bologna, faculty of Architecture. He co-curated Global Photography, a show featuring emerging photographers at the SiFest 2009 in Savignano, Italy.