Porchetta sandwich

Thomas Odermatt, owner of Roli Roti, slicing pork at the San Francisco Farmer's Market.

This morning, T & I had Roli Roti's Porcetta sandwich at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market for breakfast (well, consider it brunch). Tita S raved about it the last time we got together for a birthday lunch so we decided to give it a try. While waiting in line, a herb covered browned to a crisp pork loin was pulled off the rotisserie. Before, putting the slow cooked and neatly tied meat on the prep surface, one of the servers took an open faced bun and turned it upside down to absorb the pork's drippings from the wooden chopping board. Thomas Odermatt, the owner, was at the prep line talking to his customers while slicing meat. He took the drenched bun and lined it with white meat, followed by the crispy skin and then passed it along the assembly line. By the time I got to the cashier, it was ready. Lightly salted with onions sauteed with a touch of hoisin sauce and topped with arugula, the Porchetta sandwich was a delight! It reminded me of lechon from back home. What a great way to start the spring season!