Dennis Rito: Unlimtxt, An Exploration on Vitural Connectedness

Photographs by Dennis Rito

Project Statement

Mobile phones are impacting societies around the world. In the Philippines, text messaging is considered to be the most exploited service due to its affordability, convenience and immediacy. According to industry estimates, 2 billion text messages were sent everyday from the 60 percent of the population of 90 million who uses mobile phones. This has led to the popular notion of the Philippines as the “texting capital of the world."

I am interested on how mobile technology affects society and the individual. Face-to-face conversation has now been replaced by virtual means thus texting has made it possible to create new unsurveilled and unconventional relationships. Texting also allows its users to create a seemingly private world capable of expressing real and virtual emotions.

Through my photographs I am attempting to explore the texter’s virtual world and invite the viewers to reflect upon what these expressions reveal about their relationship with the intended recipient.

These images are part of an ongoing process that attempts to show the commonality that exists across our social strata through the emotional interaction of this shared task and how that, in part, underpins the fabric of our society.

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