Photographer Jason Eskenazi talks about his day job

A few months ago, I came across Jason Eskenazi's images at the New York Times Lens blog. The entry mentioned his day job as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. I was completely intrigued by it and looked online for more information. I came across this 5 minute audio interview:

1:01: Broke and uninsured, self-taught photographer Jason Eskenazi moved back to his mother's home in Queens, NY and talks about his experience working as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Source: Studio 360

His story inspires me. I am particularly struck by his optimistic mindset in spite of the mundane rigors of his job. He clearly depicted the sacrifices he needed to do in order to live his photographic life.

On November 18, 2009, he wrote a note to his photographer friend, Daniel Sheehan:

Dear Dan,

As you know I worked at the MET for almost 2 years as a security guard. In the last months I guarded the Robert Frank show almost everyday. Ive been asking famed photogs what photo of the 83 images in the Americans really does it for them or that they can say they were ‘born’ out of, is their hands down favorite. I’m trying to get 83 photographers to respond to this survey question.

I finally quit and I'm on my way to Turkey.

Hope all is well.


Good luck to you Jason and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!