2009 Year end thoughts

The street was crowded as I left work yesterday. Traffic was heavy. Stretched limos and taxis lined the entire block while drivers in dark suits huddled together smoking cigarettes a few feet away from the hotel's entrance. The scent of men's cologne lingered in the air as I passed a group of gentlemen on their way to celebrate the end of 2009. As I walked around the corner to the BART station, a herd of teenagers ran and squealed as they crossed the intersection to beat the traffic light.

Commuters were sparse aboard the train to the East Bay. It was going to be a quiet ride home. I was relieved. I pulled out a notebook from my bag. It was a gratitude journal I've kept since 2007. I flipped through a couple of pages and re-read some of my entries from this year:

2/18/09: My sister survived the cut from the downsizing in her company. Thank you. We are all very grateful that everyone has jobs in this current economic climate. Thank you to Isa and her entire team for the show at Silverlens Gallery last month.

: Thank you to my sister for taking me to this trip (Provence, France) for my birthday. Thank you to T for the jetblue gift certificate from last year's birthday.

3/17/09: Thank you for a safe flight home for everyone.

5/15/09: Thank you for free lunches at work.

5/20/09: Thank you for not getting a moving violation ticket when T dropped me off at BART today.

6/5/09: Thank you for a clean bill of health.

7/30/09: Thank you to Harvest magazine and to En Foco.

8/19/09: Thank you to Photoworld China magazine.

9/28/09: Thank you for keeping my family safe after typhoon Ondoy. Thank you for keeping me financially healthy in spite of the recession and the furlough Fridays. I have been in good shape and not in the red.

10/4/09: Thank you for T's new full time job! She got what she wanted and I am proud and happy for her.

11/26/09: Thank you to Moises who turned in my jacket and keys to lost and found. What a good soul. Thank you to Ann and for the opportunity to exhibit at Rayko Gallery.

12/10/09: Thank you for the $100 tip.

12/29/09: Thank you for Netflix streaming video. It rocks!

12/31/09: Thank you for having my family in San Francisco this Christmas. Thank you for keeping them safe during their flights home. Thank you for food on the table, a warm place to live, money in the bank, jobs, family and friends.

One blank page left on my notebook. Time to buy a new one for 2010. I got off the train on my stop and made my way down the elevators to catch the connecting bus ride home. I looked out the window and felt very grateful. What a wonderful year this has been!

Thank you to you, dear readers, for sharing this photographic journey with me on this blog. I look forward to 2010 and hope that you will continue to join me.