Michael Mazzeo Gallery's RSVP Initiative

ARBOR, Beautifully curated, very inspiring images from the online exhibition!


The RSVP project, a web-based initiative of online exhibitions presented by the Michael Mazzeo Gallery, brings together artists from the global photography community to present work on common themes.

The first of these exhibitions, ARBOR , comes at a time of worldwide economic, cultural and environmental crisis when we are confronted with the need for reevaluation, renewal and stability. Prompted by this climate, I chose as the theme, a subject both familiar and profound.

Arbor was curated from images submitted by artists in response to a call for photographs of trees. The tree as muse, metaphor, witness, oracle. Nature’s exemplar of strength and adaptability, trees are the living embodiment of wisdom and peace. A recurring reminder of the cycle of life and rebirth, trees command reverence and inspire us to moments of awe.

Through varied methodologies, the artists presented here have decoded and reframed a common subject to address issues of material and metaphysical significance. With a spirited curiosity and experiential awareness of the natural world, they have provided us with a rich diversity of images and ideas. It is in bringing together this wealth of compelling photography that I hope to provide a place for contemplation, a respite in an anxious world, an Arbor.