A gift from Italy

Yesterday, I opened a bottle of Gargiuolo lemon flavored olive oil that P brought back from Italy and tried it with a simple dish- sauteed broccolini. I poured about a tablespoon of the full bodied oil in the heated pan, added some chopped garlic and onions followed by 5 stalks of thinly sliced broccolini. I mixed the ingredients together and covered it to cook for three minutes. Just before the timer went off, I lifted the cover and a cloud of steam released a lemon garlic fragrance in the air. I stirred the broccolini dish one last time before turning off the stove. I added the dish on top of jasmin rice and scraped the last bits of garlic, broccolini and drippings of oil into the bowl. Delicious!

Today, I went to Berkeley Bowl and bought organic basil and a pack of chicken apple smoked sausage. I wanted to try the other bottle, the orange flavored olive oil to make a pasta dish that my brother taught me. We had it for lunch and T gave it a thumbs up. Both dishes came alive just by substituting a key ingredient with a good quality product. Amazing--Thanks P for the gift!