Nymphoto: Conversations Volume 1

Cover Image: Natasha, Ukraine 2005
Courtesy of Michal Chelbin/Andrea Meislin Gallery

Nymphoto: Conversations Volume 1
Sasha Wolf Gallery
10 Leonard Street
New York, NY
May 6-20, 2009
Opening Reception: May 6, 6-8PM

Book launch and opening reception of Conversations Volume 1.

Work by Michele Abeles, Juliana Beasley, Rona Chang, Nina Büsing Corvallo, Candace Gottschalk, Jessica M. Kaufman, Klea McKenna, Michal Chelbin, Talia Greene, Maria Passarotti, Susana Raab, Emily Shur, Tema Stauffer, Jane Tam, Garie Waltzer & Jennifer Williams.

Books will be available for sale at the reception and are also available for order here from Blurb.

About Nymphoto

is a collective of women in photography that provides a supportive community for its artists and strives to send a positive message to the creative world. By providing online exhibitions, curating group shows, creating collective publications and offering an open forum for artistic discourse, Nymphoto remains a trusted and innovative resource for women photographers.

Nymphoto firmly believes in the power of community; and through this principle, we hope to equalize the gender imbalance that continues to exist in the art world today. In a society where the zeitgeist encourages ambivalence, Nymphoto hopes to mobilize the art world through good old-fashioned girl power, and aims to achieve goals as unbelievable as the stuff in Greek myths.

Nymphoto was founded by Nina Buesing, Candace Gottschalk and Melanie Oswald. With the addition of members Maria Passarotti, Rona Chang and Jane Tam.