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©Stella Kalaw

Last night, T & I had a craving to go out for breakfast. We thought of our usual places-- Doyle Street Cafe or La Note. Then one of us suggested Wholefoods. We could make our trip more efficient by tying it with an errand. That was also a possibility. We floated the idea of going to Stacks in Burlingame, a favorite place of mine from when I first moved to the Bay Area, but it was a trek to get there. We also considered trying a new place like Jimmy Bean's based on a top 10 list of best brunch places in Berkeley we found online. Nothing was decided.

Our stomachs grumbled when we woke up very early this morning. We looked up the hours of operations for each restaurant we thought of last night and Stacks won. It was the only one from the selection that opened at 7:00 am on weekends. So off we drove to Burlingame and enjoyed a lovely breakfast. I had the Chicken Apple Frittata with melted slices of gouda cheese topped with sour cream and bits of green onion while T went for the classic Eggs Benedict.