Teddy is safe

© Stella Kalaw

I was unpacking my camera, lenses, passport, etc. from my backpack and was about to store it away in the hotel's safe when I saw "Teddy" taking up half the space. "What is he doing here?" I asked my sister. She laughed at my perplexed reaction.

Two years ago, my niece brought "Pinky" a stuffed toy shaped shark, to Beijing. They left her in the hotel while they toured the city. When they returned that evening, they found Pinky's fur was coming off and the stuffing was protruding from a tear in her body. My niece was devasted and cried so hard. They had a hunch that the housekeeper must have stuck Pinky in the washing machine and when my sister brought it up to the manager on duty, he refused to accept responsibility. They offered to sew her up instead. Now, every time they travel, Teddy must be in the safe. I smiled. It was good to know someone in there was watching out for my stuff too.