Le Suquet

© Stella Kalaw

My sister took me to dinner at Le Suquet, a narrow uphill cobblestone road lined with local restaurants located in the old town of Cannes. Tea lights glowed from the tables and warmed the tiny interiors. Fresh floral arrangements decorated the entry ways and flower beds hung on the outdoor decks. Menus and specials of the day were handwritten on glass doors. "Bonjour," the waitstaff greeted us as we passed by.

We did not have a particular place in mind so we walked and glanced at several menus until we reached the end of the street. We were looking to do a pre-fixe dinner so it was a matter of finding a combination that suited our taste. We finally picked Le Marais. While most establishments served a salad for an appetizer, Le Marais offered a pan fried foie gras glazed in apricot and prune sauce. The description was enough to whet our appetites and to get us through the door.

We approached the front door and the maitre d' promptly seated us to a quiet corner inside the restaurant. We went over the rest of the selections. I picked a dish with a medley of meats: magret of duck, beef filet, and shoulder of lamb served in a bed of mashed potatoes and green beans while my sister chose scallops with eggplant risotto and cream. We also ordered a half bottle of locally made red wine to pair with our meal.

I could not remember the last time my sister and I had this extended bonding time together without distractions except of course, for the occasional buzzing of her Blackberry in her purse. In the middle of our conversation over the delicious foie gras that we slathered on slices of freshly made baguette, I could not help but reminisce our teenage years. She would gently wake me up after coming home from parties in the wee hours of the morning. I sat across from her in bed where she confided her joys and heartaches. I listened, in great detail, to many stories about the intricacies of her social interactions between friends, her relationships and how she dealt with adversaries. All that experience has really helped her build confidence and has molded her into a self-assured and successful bank executive closing deals and interacting with senior colleagues in her field today.

We finished our meal with two desserts: three kinds of chocolate truffles and a nougat drizzled with mango and strawberry sauce. We were very pleased with the portions that we felt full but not stuffed. On our way back to our hotel, we strolled along Rue D' Antibes looking at the window displays of local retail shops. We then made a wrong turn and ended up following a longer route uphill to our hotel. We joked about expending the dinner we just consumed doing this unexpected hike. We were laughing by the time we slipped the card key in the door.