Long Day

At work, I spent the entire morning sifting through past emails and reconciling information from an "official" list downloaded through the website. Technology is supposed to make work easier and more efficient but in this case, the people providing the information are quite disorganized. MP is saying one thing on email while the list is saying another. I am caught in the middle.

In the afternoon, I had to attend a mandatory meeting for two hours. The day was almost over by the time I returned to my desk. On top of everything else, I am supposed to check for daily changes from their website but the IT person I dealt with could not even give me the correct password to export the report. Emails went flying back and forth all day. It was close to 6:00pm by the time she responded with a partially correct information. I ended up guessing the user name by playing with the caps in case the letters were case sensitive. When I pointed this out to her, she was unapologetic. I had to finish the report before I went home this evening.

I am exhausted. Two more weeks of this craziness and it will soon be over.