The Opening

Me, my sister from New York and my brother from Budapest.

Last photograph before gallery closed that evening.

It rained hard for most of the day and then it stopped an hour before the opening started. That morning, I was sitting in bed in the same room I grew up as a child and listened to the rain as it poured heavily on the roof. I smiled and remembered the many times my sisters and I would rejoice the minute we heard the weatherman Amado Pineda suspend a school day due to a typhoon landing in Metro Manila. For a split second, I could not help but think of the possibility that perhaps the opening might be suspended too. I shook my head-- nah, what a silly thought!

It turned out to be a successful event. It was wonderful to see family, old friends and relatives. My sister came all the way from New York. She had a last minute change to her flight itinerary to avoid the snowstorm in Detroit. She arrived past midnight the day before the opening. On the other hand, my brother flew in from Budapest, his total flying time was something like 22 hours with 2 stop overs before arriving in Manila the day of the opening. It really meant a lot that they were there for me.