This week

It was a tough week at work-- long hours and never ending emails to reply to. I would leave my inbox clean at the end of the day only to find 50+ plus messages waiting for me the following morning. Furthermore, I received a barrage of phone calls and voicemail messages all clamoring for my attention to resolve their issues as soon as possible. In this world of electronic communication, everything is urgent. Sometimes, people fail to understand that there is still a human being responding to these messages even if the medium of communication offers instant gratification.

Keeping things in perspective, T sent me a blog entry by John Maeda, the newly appointed President of Rhode Island School of Design.

He writes, "I also impart upon them the advice one of my Professors gave to me twenty years ago when he saw me in a state of distress and said, “All that happens to you now, you will have forgotten in ten years.” Moral of the story is to always look to the future and the present can always be endured."

I was simply amazed that my stress level dissipated as soon as I changed my thought process. Combining this with moments of silence in a quiet church just around the corner from work, I was able to get through the week.