Last Sunday

Mom at Point Reyes, CA

My mother sat on the reclining chair at the corner of the living room as I busily prepared lunch. She remained silent for a long time. On a few occasions, she got up and walked towards the kitchen to look over my shoulder. She asked about the dish I was cooking and how I prepared it. She was trying to make conversation. I kept my answers short as I knew she did not cook. "Ahh......" she answered. She headed back to the reclining chair and turned on the television. The San Francisco Giants were playing against the Oakland A's. I heard her reading the stats out loud and I was quite surprised that she was actually following the game. Since when was my mother a sports fan? I thought. She must have picked it up from my older sister who lives in Boston. Two years ago, she stayed with her for several months while waiting approval for her U.S. citizenship.

Although I didn't care much for baseball or any type of sports, I stayed with her to watch the game after lunch. Out of the corner of my eye, I would sometimes catch her stare at me. When I turned my head, she gave me a smile. I wondered what was on her mind but I did not ask. If given the opportunity, my mother could get very inquisitive and I was not in the mood for it. So, I smiled back. After awhile, she fell asleep. I stayed a little longer and felt content keeping her company. Then I started nodding off. I got up quietly, walked upstairs and took a nap.