GT's ties

GT's ties, 2006
From the series, Family Spaces

While recuperating from jet lag at my brother's apartment in Prague, I noticed his neckties hanging at the foot of his bed. We had past conversations about him staying late at night in the office and often brought paperwork to finish on the weekends. I realized that the neckties, and where they were situated, revealed a story about his life. It was such a mundane detail but it made a connection with me. So, I took the picture.

Six months from now, I will be in Manila for my first solo exhibition. For those of you who are new to the blog, the work that will be featured is the project entitled, Family Spaces. The show will run from January-February 2009. More details coming soon.

Silverlens gallery (SLG) mounts 7-8 art shows a year, representing a mix of local and international artists working with photography and new media. Established in Makati City in 2004, SLG is the only museum quality art space in the Philippines. In what used to be a piano factory, the expansive 300 square meter space houses a huge main gallery, a studio and a reference library. Regular art activities such as panel discussions, artist talks, and film screenings are held in conjunction with exhibits.