I bought a pocket-sized moleskine notebook a few months ago and started scribbling words that curators and critics have written about a photographer's body of work. Here are a few:

visual multiplicity
altered environs
complex visual equation
disfigured utopia
articulated affinities
asymmetrical responses
contrived whiteness
metaphoric walls
metaphysical locale
paradoxical color
mutative sequence of space

I definitely struggle to understand them. Being articulate is often emphasized especially when artists discuss their own work. Is it necessary to use such words to prove that I am a critical thinker?

Looking at my list again , I've written down a few that were less intimidating:

narrative conflicts
refreshing spirit
heightened tension
poetic quality
muted backdrop
prying curiosity
thematic pieces
richly layered

I continue to collect more words to study them closely. I often find myself visiting the Merriam Webster site to look up their definition. I guess that is not a bad thing.