The ax just started to fall

The mood was tense and serious. A meeting was called at 10:00 this morning. Two of the directors entered the room. J particularly didn't begin with his usual jovial greeting whenever he was down there to meet with one of the supervisors. He didn't even crack a smile. He quickly got to the point. He laid out the gloomy economic picture of the company. Then the announcement came-- all the departments needed to make cuts. And so it was my colleague VR that was let go. Her last day will be Friday next week. A long silence followed. Everyone was looking down at their desks. There were no reassurances and all of us knew this was just the beginning.

Before leaving the building after my shift, I stopped by and handed some paperwork to someone at another department. As I was heading out, I bumped into Tim. He was back in school this semester studying illustration. I asked how his department was doing and he said they were lucky that a manager moved to a different job and that the position will not be filled. No cuts were made.

As we said goodbye, he said, "Hey-- I'll continue to draw while you continue to take pictures." He grinned and then walked away. Needless to say, he made my day.