Collectibles: Wall Space

©Aline Smithson

Collectibles at Wall Space

55 artists from across the country are in the gallery this month. Discover creative work by new artists, each with a unique vision of photography. We wanted to provide an opportunity for new and established collectors, as well as aficionados of the photographic image to see and purchase new works at a price we can all afford.

Each of these creative images is priced under $200, a reasonable investment for anyone who loves top quality work from local and national artists who we think are creating really inventive, imaginative and uncommon works.

Limited creations – once in a lifetime images. Connect visually, emotionally. So many artists. So many ideas. Surround yourself with something beautiful that touches you. Challenge yourself, question your ideals. Look at it everyday and find something new. Collectible is art that fits. Fits your wall, your budget, your conscience.


Wall Space also has a blog called The Flat Files