Who do you look at?

This question was posed to me after the presentation and I did not have time to really think about it. "Whose work inspires you?" she followed up. I rambled some names off the top of my head and wished I had a few minutes to collect my thoughts and put a list together. I should remember this question should it come up again in the future.

I've mentioned some books and photographers that inspired me throughout this blog and here are two links to those posts.

Books on Place and Personal Experiences
The Family as Photographic Subjects

I would also encourage you to read my other entries that I started with a title, Inspiration: (Name of Photographer or Photographic Work).

Here are a few more:

Martina Mullaney
KayLynn Deveney
Stuart O'Sullivan
Harry Gruyaert
Alec Soth
Michael Wolf
Mitch Epstein
Joakim Eskildsen
Dinu Li
Matthew Monteith